What is cultural diversity? – A primer

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A practical description of cultural diversity, what to expect when striving to make disciples in such environment, and the supplies you will need for the journey. #Hispanic #Discipleship #Diversity

With so many voices in the cultural diversity conversation, I believe it necessary to clarify what we man, here at FuelForYourPassion.com, when we use this concept. Now, something you need to keep in mind is that different parts of this primer will only make sense once you start following Him, in humility, into places where your cultural preferences are not the standard.


A matter of preferences.

Culture is what we use to make sense of life. Some elements of such a system are physical, tangible. Others, reside mostly in our hearts and minds.

Regardless of their nature, we are constantly using them to determine what to do with out pain and with our joy. They provide points of reference in our attempt to make sense of daily life. They are our preferences that define what we understand to be sources of sorrow or delight.

Your favorite color, team, politic party, TV show, author, family member are part of your culture.

The way you define what is good and what is wrong, that is part of your culture. The metrics you use, consciously or not, to determine what is success or failure, what is worth pursuing or rejecting, what a good investment of your resources really is, all that is your culture.

Your cultural preferences are the lens through which you look at what happens around you, and establish those events’ contribution to what you think and believe – thanks to those same preferences – the real good life is.


That’s what you get: exposure of your heart.

Serving others in an environment where your cultural preferences are not the standard will force you to take a deeper, harder, and closer look at what is in your own heart.

Yes, I know, your desire and interest is making disciples of the nations. However, do not forget that discipleship is also for the disciple-maker, just as the Gospel is, still, the Good News for the believer.

Serving others in cultural diversity, then, will give you a clear view of what you hold close to your heart, it will show how much do you really love your cultural preferences – maybe to the point of idolatry – and how much He has work in you, restoring you back to Him and giving you the desire and ability to set those preferences apart, for His glory and the benefit of others; specially of others who do not share your culture.

Do you want to know how much cultural diversity has exposed your heart? Take a look at the reasons behind your repentance-confession and celebration. By exposing your heart while serving others, He will move you to repent-confess often, many times of things you have held dear to you, things that maybe you were convinced really defined you. And as He keeps working in you, He will give you new and more reasons to celebrate that work, to celebrate His faithfulness.

Don’t leave home without it.

Before you start pursuing discipleship in a context where you cultural preferences are not the standard, please know that you will need to remember His grace for you, constantly. Remembering what He has done for you, and why is that He has done it (His grace!) is the first aid kit you need to survive this environment. Without it, you could survive for a while, motivated by a romantic idea of what discipleship in cultural diversity should be. Maybe you have the desire to share deeply with others, to experience a real and authentic sense of community. All that is very good, but it will last just a while. Eventually, people will disappoint you and you will disappoint them.

The only real force that will keep you going, regardless of how people respond – or how you think they should respond – is to constantly remember His grace.

Call to action.

Please, consider the following questions and feel free to use the comment section below to share your thoughts / experiences.

  • How is this definition of cultural diversity different from others you may have heard?
  • How could you be ready to remember His grace, constantly, before diving into cultural diversity?
  • How far do you think you need to travel to encounter diversity, as defined here?


Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate hearts constantly, All in cultural diversity.