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Worship service – the forgotten way to make disciples?


I’m getting ready for worship, this Sunday morning. I can tell you the sermon, humanly speaking, it’s nothing to write home about.

But He reminds me that even with all limitations and shortcomings – in me, the preacher, and in us, the congregation – He is still faithful, and He is cultivating my heart.

The person that will benefit the most, from today’s sermon, it’s me. I’m the preacher.
And it’s not necessarily because of all the hours of study, and sermon preparation. It’s because in the context of worship, I get to be cultivated as a humble follower of His.

During the worship service I get discipled.

This is not an attempt to be cleaver, labeling now everything as discipleship. But, if what happens in a worship service it’s really a sample of what will happen when He comes, if a worship service it’s a reminder of His Beauty, and an encouragement to face this life, and desire the one that is to come, then while worshiping my heart it’s been cultivated.

And I, as the preacher, have a first row seat to see it all.

What is your opinion about a worship service as a mean of discipleship?

Remember His grace, Follow Him in humility, Cultivate constantly, All in cultural diversity.



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